Thursday, 20 August 2009

Face Treatment and Cat Walking

Taking antibiotics for my face rash and putting on some vile ointment. Hope it works. If it's not bad enough being 67,almost 17 stone and hardly being able to stagger about, the last thing you need is geriatric acne. I have had this for over a year now and the makeup layer becomes thicker and thicker. The quack tells me that if this antibiotic doesn't work I have to take another one for three months. Deary me!

Julian came around last night to take Kooky out in his pushchair. First we put him in his harness and lead just in case, and he reluctantly went into the pushchair without making any fuss. However, I felt the traffic noise in the main road would be too alarming so we just had a short stroll down to the end of the street and back, to the great amusement of the neighbours who had assumed we had a baby in the chair. I think the pushchair is a step too far, but if I take him to the vet I may put his new carrying case inside it to get him to the end of the street to the taxi, and use it at the other end, too. I have to buy him a collar this morning as his catflap is being fitted tonight and I will have to start trying to get him to use it in time for my absence at the end of next week.

I am looking forward to a late lunch with my friend Catriona, though the weather is rather dull so far. I shall attempt to get on with some painting tomorrow.

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