Thursday, 27 August 2009

Hayling Island Ahoy!

Romy came back bearing gifts: grapes, a lovely light evening scarf and some more microwave Paladin chocolate drink in flakes. We managed to book a trip for the punters for tea on the watercress railway while we are in Hampshire, and decided to go to the boot fair on Monday. We will have a car with us in case of any disasters. Took a couple of paintings I had purchased to be framed today.

Trying to get everything ready in time for tomorrow. Kooky has rather inconsiderately decided to have diarrhoea - a protest no doubt against my going away. I shall advise my neighbour to play safe and limit the varieties of food he is given, and perhaps increase the dry food. I really must buy a larger case - mine is very small for a week of two changes a day. We shall see. I am having to add a smaller case this time, and take a huge bag as well. Our numbers are right down with some last-minute cancellations - but that will hopefully lessen the chances of mishap while we are away.

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