Friday, 21 August 2009

Good Lunch and Interesting Evening

Catriona arrived in the pouring rain, so I opened some prosecco immediately, which we imbibed until it stopped. Then we went to the Chop House, sat outside watching the river while we had a very pleasant lunch. We carried on with the wine when we arrived back here. A very strange evening, the man arrived to fit the catflap and missed several of the screws so had to return to finish the job properly. Then Julian and Dorothy arrived bearing gifts: a rather super Nespresso machine and an electric milk frother. We had some excellent coffee. However, both the dog key and battery and the cat key and battery did not function, in fact the dog battery started smoking in Dorothy's hands, so I sent off an email to the suppliers. Bloody nuisance as it means i can't train Kooky to use his door with the key. I may just leave it unlocked when I am at home and try and get him to go in and out of it so he has some idea how to make it work.

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