Saturday, 15 August 2009

Strange Diet and Silly Painting

I weighed 16st 11lb this morning so lost a pound despite eating out on Thursday night, and eating a three course lunch yesterday. Ocado due to arrive before 11am today with some more soups, but must cook some more myself as they are generally better. I seem to have lots of plastic containers with dubious contents - probably stock - in the freezer so shall investigate.

I am doing a very silly self portrait in grisaille with a daft hat I bought. I may start on the rather scary prospect of actually painting vases of flowers soon, just for a change. Have never done anything like it before so they will be total crap, but must have a go - at least it will be a new challenge. May try some other still lifes too. We shall see. Good receiving lots of free books with the Times. I am giving most of them to Romy to export to Spain for some winter reading - but some I either haven't read, so now reading 'The big S

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