Monday, 17 August 2009

Kooky - Pushchair and Poo Solutions

I bought Kooky a pushchair today, so it will be easier to take him to the vet as he is so heavy. These pet 'walkers' are American and aimed at the obese pet who cannot stagger about. I need one of these myself really. We are having to pay around £90 for the Staywell dog door - an extra £12.11 for a special cat sized key included. We are going to order it tonight when Julian comes over to play with Kooky. I don't know if Julian has yet obtained a quote for fitting it.

I also managed to find some biodegradable cat litter so I have filled a tray with this and put it in a sheltered place to encourage him to pee or poo (preferably both) outside. Meanwhile I have found a deeply wonderful cat thing for inside, which is a mat fitting inside and around the top of my current litter tray. It has an absorbent base which absorbs the pee, which keeps the actual litter dry. After emptying the first lot of litter out after a week you can refill with fresh cat litter, and a week later, dispose of the whole thing by rolling it up and chucking it away.

I shall feed him some Solitaire chicken in white sauce tonight. I shall continue with the soup. Made some rather better gazpacho today from a couple of handfuls of baby tomatoes, a red pepper and quite a bit of iceberg lettuce, no onion or garlic. I added a handful of fresh basil and one of parsley, some olive oil, some water, some lemon and some balsamic vinegar. It is delicious.

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