Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tuesday - Day Off

Had blood taken and had to make an appointment with the GP for a 'review' - nanny state gone bonkers - nurse not allowed to do liver function tests so I suppose I shall have to get the GP to order them, then go and have more blood extracted.

I decided my life was too short to polish silver cutlery, so have put it all away for special occasions, and ordered some simple French stuff with brightly coloured plastic handles for everyday use. Seems they can't send knives through the post so popped into John Lewis this morning to buy these. Unfortunately I had already ordered the rest of the cutlery on the internet to arrive by post, rather annoying as I could have picked it up from the shop. While there I went into the Food Hall and purchased some milk, some steak and some of those little dryish French sausages to gnaw when suffering from food deprivation. This is unlikely to happen as I had a green curry for lunch and will have a steak and salad tonight. So much for soup. I shall reassume the soup and salad tomorrow. Unfortunately I am out to dinner on Thursday night, which no doubt will be a dietary disaster, but I shall enjoy it. Kooky is becoming cuter and cuter and spending more and more time outside.

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