Thursday, 6 August 2009

No Fake Flowers and Horrible Toothache.

Ordered a few fake flowers on press recommendation from an internet company called VeryNice I ordered them and they said they would come in a week or two. I ordered them on 13 July, and looking at their website there's still no tracking number and they don't reply to emails, so beware.

The filling done recently seems to have played up - odd since my tooth didn't hurt before. I was told there was a root filling in the tooth already, but it has become horribly painful and my dentist doesn't work on a Friday. Julian has sent me the address of another dentist in Old Street, so may give them a ring in the morning to see if they can do a better job. It is aching all over one side, a bit like neuralgia. I googled it and there was a rather alarming article about how, despite a root filling, infection can get into this from the crown causing even more trouble. A credit card job I suspect. They are called Dental Arts in City Road and I have been given the name of one of their dentists. We shall see.

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