Thursday, 20 August 2009

Time Running Out before Hayling Island Break

Luckily I arrived home from work early, just in time to take delivery of a huge dog flap apparently suitable for rottweilers, Great Danes, etc, so it may be large enough. Someone coming to fit it tomorrow evening. It may just about fit in the door panel.

My friend Catriona is arriving between 1 and 2pm tomorrow. If it is not pouring we may cab it down to the Chop House as they do very good lunch deals and there's a river view, otherwise I shall have to think again - Roast is always full but there are a couple of places around Borough Market. We shall see. This evening I am awaiting a delivery from Ocado, which should arrive between 6 and 7pm.

I have primed a large canvas, and am torn between several possibilities for a subject to paint. Just realised I only have another six days before I have to go away. I must check that my neighbour is still willing to feed Kooky - and dispose of his poo, which is the less happy job -unless I can persuade him to poo outside within the next few days. Good thing the door is going up tomorrow night - might just give me time to train him to use it - or not, we shall see.

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