Monday, 24 August 2009

Sunday Evening

I confirmed today that the white berries draped among the food at Vic's party were, as I had suspected, from a poisonous plant. I call them snowberries. I had to ring Vic with this information in case some future punter decided to sample them. Probably not a good idea on a plate of food. Maybe Karim is sick of his customers??????

Julian popped over this evening, and between us we managed to make the dog flap work manually. However we have not persuaded Kooky to make the journey through on his own, despite drug bribery. At least he can now get out and in. My only hope is that nothing else gets in. Since Julian crawled out of it I am slightly worried. Maybe I shall ask my neighbour to open it manually in the morning and close it at night while I am away. We shall see.

My friend Jon has become a friend on Facebook. I have no doubt that images of Clamidia Rash will appear on his page soon. Oh - they are already there. Quel surprise.

Bought a few paintings on Ebay. I shall now have to try and find somewhere to hang them. I shall also have to try and get someone to paint my bedroom and the hall - the walls are filthy.

My neighbour has confirmed he will feed Kooky while I am away. Julian suggested I leave a bucket near Kooky's food station so my neighbour can drop the poo into this before covering each time with some plastic, then putting some kind of improvised lid on the top to contain the smell. It might well work. Tomorrow I will compose some instructions. Have given up on feeding him small amounts of wet food, as Kooky is very resistant to dry food, however hungry. I now give him much more - about 200g wet food morning and evening - about two packs, and just a small amount of dry food, which he prefers.

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