Saturday, 22 August 2009

More Cat Problems

Here's the coffee machine, with the milk frother on the left.

Oh dear, Kooky has been sick again this morning, the same pale clearish fluid as before. His poo is slightly pale, too. I wish we weren't all going away next week. He seems totally well in himself though and is eating well.

Unfortunately, with all the goings-on last night I do not seem to have any instructions for the cat door.Julian has put some kind of locking bit over it so it seems impossible to use so I can't try training Kooky to get in and out. Damn nuisance. I hope the people who charged me over £100 for the door are going to put matters right with the keys and batteries or it will be useless.

I am rather pissed off with everything, but I shall do some painting this morning to try and improve things a bit - a cup of the new and wonderful Nespresso with frothy milk will definitely help a lot.

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