Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wednesday Morning Titter

Funny stories in today's Times:

Allegedly,from the obit for Major William Spowers, when a young man in the army in India, he went into the kitchen to find the servant responsible for making the governor's toast lying on the floor with his feet pointing at the hot stove and slices of bread between his toes. No electric toaster there, then.

Also, in 1969 he auctioned a collection of Napoleonica from the Emperor's confessor, who had attended the postmortem and acquired some mementoes from the house, including, among lot 182, a precious part of Bonaparte, thought to be the imperial member. Catalogued as a 'small, dried-up object and described as a'mummified tendon' it failed to reach the reserve, prompting a tabloid headline of 'Not tonight, Josephine.'

Also, apparently Conservative MP Nicholas Soames' ex wife said having sex with him was like 'having a wardrobe fall on you with the key still in'. Seems he was quite a heavy chap.

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