Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dreary Work, Tarty Kooky and New Caviar

Things rather tiresome at work, but purchased a lovely little flower painting by John Whitlock Codner who used to teach at my college many years ago. I seem to be quite keen on still lifes and sea views. Can't wait to get the place decorated and get some of them on the walls. If I am too impatient I may replace some things already on the walls, just to get a frequent look at my new paintings.

Kooky is being tarty tonight again. He really is quite funny.

I have been reading about a new caviar company called Mottra where they don't kill the sturgeon to harvest the caviar. Seems that the caviar are kept in very good tanks at specific temperatures etc, and when the caviar is ready it is kind of massaged out, after which the fish goes back in the tank for another year etc. They say that the caviar gets better as the fish gets older. It is sold at Selfridges and Waitrose and is cheaper than other caviar. May try some when I am feeling rich.

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