Sunday, 13 September 2009

Purchasing Paintings

The hair survived. Must put much less oil on it in future, but will persist with the stuff since it cost a lot, and my head has been itching a bit less today.

Just purchased a painting by Angela Burfoot. A still life of flowers in a vase. She sounds to have lived an interesting life. I have been told off by Julian for buying the painting of an old woman in overall, sitting peeling an apple, and thinks I should buy prettier things, though Julian admits the old woman was a good painting. I hope the Angela Burfoot still life will meet the case. There are a couple of paintings I need to clean before having them framed. Must buy some cotton wool balls tomorrow. Eventually I shall have my bedroom and the hall painted, before arranging and hanging my new purchases. These are rather eclectic, but there are recognisable groups emerging: a few seascapes, both watercolour and oil; a few still lifes of flowers; and the old lady portrait and a still life of fruit and vegetables on newspaper - these last two good 'kitchen' paintings. In addition I have a couple of landscapes and some slightly dodgy Australian paintings on board which I need to decide about whether to frame or leave for a bit and think about them. Also my Ken Moroney still life of which I am very fond.

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