Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday, and Friday Early Morning

Feeling better today. A chance of a temporary helper with the totally chaotic filing at the office. Will know next week, or it will have to be an agency person. Things vile as predicted last night but had some helpful advice this morning which may have saved a lot of cash.

Kooky so awkward. I shut him in this morning and came back early after doing the draft minutes and let him out again.

My internet was not working until now because of something the cleaner does every time she comes. Suddenly it is back again thank God.

It is Friday morning, 6.15am. Kooky has squawked at me continously since 5.45. I think he may want to go out. I am feeding Mavis from tonight, last feed Monday morning when my neighbour is back from his weekend break, so I shall have two mouths to feed this weekend. Bought a few more paintings which they always attempt to deliver when I am out, so expecting two or three deliveries today and tomorrow.

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