Monday, 7 September 2009


Ocado shopping arrived. I had rather inadvertently ordered a huge quantity of cooking apples and two punnets of blackberries. I cooked the apples and blackberries and put three lots in the freezer to make crumbles etc in the future. As I was peeling and coring the apples, it suddenly occurred to me in these hard times to boil all the peelings, cores etc. and make some apple juice. I did this and added a bit of sugar, then rubbed through a sieve, making a litre of delicious apple juice to put in the fridge. Tasted much better than the bought variety when I had a glass this morning.
I have done about six loads of washing, and am still tidying up and moving cases around today.

Dorothy and Julian back from Paris and came around to pet Kooky, who responded in a positive way. He is much more affectionate now. Seems that Dorothy was on a course - 'like being at school' - rather than pleasure-seeking. I think they did manage to go out for a dinner or two while there. Dorothy enjoyed a cup of coffee from the machine he bought me and was impressed by the quality of some of the i-photos I had sent off for - which he had also set up to order prints.

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