Sunday, 20 November 2011


Surreal morning - i had crossly waited in the flat all day on Friday because the post people had rung my mobile promising two parcels, but in the event, no post came, despite ringing Royal Mail and being told I had to expect post up to 6.30 which confined me to barracks. The next morning, the postie arrived and asked to use my loo! Seems he was the manager of the post office, had been working all night, the postman had not turned up to do deliveries on Friday and he was doing deliveries himself after being up all night. All is not well with Royal Mail, but the long awaited packages arrived. One was a purple skirt from Ebay and the other contained excellent tape (as above)from Rob Ryan via Etsy. A sweet little handwritten card wishing me 'happy taping' came with them. I hope all this does not sound naive. Oh well.

With my new found freedom I purchased more Lithuanian bread, Louba was not working, and I also bought what seems to be a handpainted Christmas apple in blue and white for a fiver, which I shall fill with chocs or a gift. May buy a couple more of these as they are rather sweet.

Then met Dorothy, looking very slim indeed, at Pain Quotidien. We had some coffee and purchased the ingredients for the goulash to be cooked chez Julian and Dorothy that evening. We discussed my forthcoming birthday, and agreed to all meet at my place before cabbing up to Islington for the evening. That way, Madeleine can come straight to my place and have a drink with the others before we set off.

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