Sunday, 6 November 2011

Saturday 5 Bonfire Night

Romy's Ebay shoes arrived today. I have to say they look rather small, so the size may have been mislabelled, but we shall see.

Lunch at Lye Torng as usual, and treated myself to a Pad Thai which was delicious.

I went to Specsavers and saw a couple of punters who are going on the winter break, and my friend Beverley, looking very chic, with her grandchild. Beverley had been made redundant. She had been happy about this at first because the job had been very exhausting and she needed a break. After another two months of being less happy and more broke, she secured a job. This was less well paid, but local, so saving time and money. I picked up my specs which will add to my wardrobe.

Dorothy and Julian popped in last night. Seems my Christmas cards are too morbid, but they liked the badly drawn Christmas at Gaywood Street ones so I shall see if I can do more like this. We shall see. I may examine some previous sketchbooks to see if I can find something else, too. D and J had been to see the fireworks at Blackheath, which were excellent but with vast crowds so hard to get away again. I had stayed in and watched TV as usual.

Here's the tail end of the Kookster's mangled toy. I may have to purchase a new one for his Christmas present. Since we are going to Polhill Garden Centre in November this may be my chance, and with any luck they will have an amaryllis bulb, too.

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