Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Another work week. I am amazed by how much I have yet to do. I must bag up more clothing but would do well to try and lose some more weight. It might well help the back pain. I have purchased some more sketchbooks and found a good source of these on Ebay. I may have a day off tomorrow and will hopefully get something done. We shall see. I watched Jamie make a rather extraordinary version of an arctic roll on TV. It did look quite fun as nursery food. Basically it involved making a cake base of vanilla and chocolate sponge marbled a bit. Covered in blobs of softened vanilla and choc ice cream and jam, more jam and then rolled up and frozen. I suspect a plain vanilla and home made jam version would taste better, but would look more visually boring for TV. Ho hum. I must stop thinking about food. Ha ha.

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