Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Quiet Wednesday

Trying to use up my annual leave. Spent most of today pottering about and reading, awaiting a delivery, which finally arrived: two Gudrun dresses. At least I shall not go naked in my retirement. However there was no post. Seems that the days of a daily post delivery are finally over, since I know I normally have post every day, and others have commented about the lack of post. No cleaner by after 4pm either. She may be very late, or not coming. We shall see. Also no Alice, who was to pop over for a coffee. But she has now texted, and instead of arriving at coffee time will no doubt arrive this evening. Time will tell.

Bloody cold today so I put the heating on during the day. Made a casserole from cupboard ingredients: chopped a chorizo ring fairly small and fried with chopped onions and garlic. Added two bay leaves, some rosemary, chicken stock, tomato puree, hot smoked paprika,a good slug of gin, a sprinkle of sugar, and simmered, then added a vacuum pack of beetroot, a tin of lentils, a tin of broad beans, more seasoning and left to continue simmering in a casserole. Tastes quite good. Oh, and a pack of mushrooms, too. Will make this last for a bit. Here it is though this snap is not great. I may do the Catalan bit and eat the solid stuff as a meal, then add more stock and a handful of pasta to make the rest into a soup. The Catalans do it the other way round and serve the soup first, followed by the sausage and vegetables as a main course. I may have mentioned this a few times before, but if not, the ingredients are a bit different but the principle the same and it is called Escudella and Carn d'Olla. Often served at Christmas.

I have started eating more eggs again since they have been absent from my diet for a bit.

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