Monday, 28 November 2011

Disappointing Calls

I still get excited when the telephone rings, but while my hand is reaching out to pick it up, realise it is just another spam call saying my bank account, internet connection etc is about to be closed, so steel myself to be quite rude, not acknowledge my name or address, and to deny having a computer or bank account before slamming the phone down crossly. Unfortunately if it is a genuine call, I inevitably sound very angry when answering the telephone, and sometimes almost hang up before I realise this is the case.

I have cleared out the airing cupboard, piling the contents in the spare room and now have the exhausting task of going through drawers full of papers and sorting them, then all other drawers full of garbage in the house. This will definitely take months. Then I shall do the kitchen. Then I shall do the bookcases, ruthlessly chucking all but essential books and some of my nicer Folio Society ones.

Yesterday Kate came around and we had a long chat about impending retirement and consequent poverty etc. A bit dismal until cheered by the consumption of Baileys and mince pies. Kate also brought some rolls, salad, goats chees and chorizo which she made up. This did seem to be the wrong thing in my house, but very kind. We were later joined by Alice, whose son is also a copywriter. They might well meet up. We drank more Baileys, followed by coffee. Alice is planning a huge birthday party for her 60th, starting with a film in the Short Wave cinema in Bermondsey Square, followed by dinner for 40 at Del Azziz. The cinema is costing £400 and the dinner £500 is. Gosh. I shall miss this, being away with the punters but Alice is going to send me an invitation designed by one of her clever sons. I wouldn't know 40 people to invite, so am relieved to be having my much more modest celebration for my 70th, just with close family. After the others departed in the early evening, I settled down to watch the X-factor and promptly fell asleep, missing whoever was kicked off, and more annoyingly, missed Garrow's Law, which I quite like. I keep missing Rev all the time through watching some trash, so irritating. What a telly addict I am. At least I lost 4lb this week, before the excessive consumption today.

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