Friday, 4 November 2011

Thor's Day

Ho hum. Last working day this week and all as well as could be expected, etc.

Desultory sketch of the mess on the table: lampstand, jug, vase, hangers, book, deeply wonky as usual with dodgy elipse etc. last night, but never mind. It's all practise.

Fell unconscious twice in the middle of soaps, so retired to bed and reading Waverley, which is quite hard going, full of whimsical Scottish stuff, all a novelty to me.

Woke at 3am in a certain amount of agony, so tried to find a comfortable position in bed. Then at 4am, Kook started screaming loudly outside. I let him in and put some dry food down, but he had come in to use his litter tray to have a pee. He then disappeared and returned, absolutely drenched and ravenous, at about 7am. He submitted to a vigorous towelling and slumped around, later being groomed and I took the opportunity to drop some antiflea treatment on his neck, after which he disappeared again. Waiting for Ocado this morning, and will have to await a postal delivery, too.

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