Saturday, 5 November 2011

Friday 4th November

Bonfire night tomorrow. Cheap clothes from Ebay arrived today. The secret of buying is to go for a minimal quality label such as Marks, and the goods are likely to be fine.

Ocado delivered and I made a huge casserole containing: half a chorizo ring, sliced finely and fried with shallots, then two pints of chicken stock added, then carrots sliced and a large sliced cabbage. Seasoned with smoked paprika, bay leaves, rosemary and thyme, three cloves of garlic and quite a lot of tomato puree. Later I added a can of lentils and another of broad beans. Cooked on a gas ring until considerably reduced. I had lunch at Lye Torng and a chat with Louise. Tom was there, so I bought him a drink.

Dorothy had some bad news from a civil court case which will cost around £2000 which may preclude spending a fortune on dental crowns for a bit. Then an email from a close friend who has just become a grandmother - seems the baby was over eight and a half pounds - a big boy. Sent Nibby the Christmas pudding recipe. She has made two Christmas cakes but devoured one because it was so delicious, dear me.

Did another atrocious drawing above with wobbly oranges which look rather like potatoes. Then found some inks with the appalling result revealed for all to see. Just hope no one is looking. The small shrivelled thing on the right started as a lemon. Tragic.

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