Monday, 14 November 2011

Messing About with Chandelier Chains

Forging ahead with Vernon Coleman. He may be a nutter, but does write some sense. Seems everyone except me knows about him since he wrote for newspapers, was on radio etc etc etc. Can't be all bad because he likes cats.

Anyway, went to Laughing Gravy with Madeleine yesterday for lunch. We both held back and left potatoes and Yorkshire pud - and ate no pudding. Madeleine kindly relieved me of some tablecloths and granny blankets which are surplus to requirements.

Today has been very quiet. I have been hypochondriacally googling my back and leg symptoms with little enlightenment. Some glass chandelier bits arrived today with little curly metal things to put them together which took ages. I also bought some with aged clips which are much easier to deal with, so may purchase more of these. However the result of all this labour is a bit naff on the bare lampshade frame I chose to adorn. I am going to get some more large green droplets to perk it up a bit. Actually, I may buy one or two small lampshade frames and have a go at these when I am retired. We shall see.

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