Monday, 7 November 2011


Went to Marks to get a paper. I also purchased some Fru Grains in Holland & Barrett. I am giving up my glucosamine, malt and cod liver oil capsules since before taking all that I did not have the pains in the backs of my thighs which have become much worse recently. Restless night last night. I decided to walk back to try and improve my lack of exercise. I was just passing Elephant Road when I spied several shops under the railway arch which had not been there before. I took a look at the first one, called something odd like Chatica, and it turned out to be an excellent looking latino place serving coffees and so on, very clean and shiny. I may well pop in there at some time. I bought some more black bread, and Louba apologised for not contacting me as she has been very busy (so have I) but threatens to call on me next Friday. We shall see. At least I can offer her a decent coffee. Am supposed to be seeing Madeleine on Sunday.
I just happened to be passing the Albert Arms pub which looked closed, but has recently apparently reopened. A pleasant guy taking food in introduced himself and his wife as the owners of the Great Little Pub Company (or some such name) and said they were closed today to get the kitchen sorted out as they will be doing food, including Sunday lunches. Madeleine and I may sample one of these next week. I have always thought this pub was very pretty, but needed a substantial makeover, which seems to have been done. It will be good to have a decent pub around the corner.

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