Sunday, 20 November 2011


Here's a bit of the other tape, plus bits of the box of lip stuff Julian bought me. I really do think the bees are rather good.

A vile night last night wondering whether I had cauda equina, myeloma, or was just unbalanced from the back down. At my age and weight one would normally suspect furred up arteries, but the symptoms would normally be cold feet, swelling and ulcers etc. which are not there, so some kind of compression of the nerves would be a plausible explanation. But the cause is a mystery, so far. Oh well. At least things are much better during the day. Health is such an obsession of old age, and so boring.

Today I shall go to Debenhams to collect an old watch. I had forgotten that I left it there five months ago and they rang yesterday! Old age strikes again. Anyway it will be fun to go up to Oxford Street and will make a change from my usual visit to Marks & Spencer. Must just find a paper and somewhere to have coffee.

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