Monday, 28 November 2011

More Invitations

Christophe and Victorine have invited me to a Jamie Italian place in West London to celebrate both my and Christophe's birthday. This will be fun, but I shall have to restrain myself alcoholically and try and leave early since this is a very heavy week at the office.

Christophe also asked me to design the cover of a book he is writing. He sent a synopsis which sounded very dramatic. I may be able to scribble a bit, but designing a book cover is rather a responsibility, best left to the experts, and since he has someone who can do it, I declined. Very kind of him to offer though.

The birds are settling into eating the food I put out for them after our trip to Polhill. Tomorrow we go to Twyford to the King's Head where we eat at Buratta's, maybe followed by a trip to Henley. Buratta's is so fantastic, great food and lots of very good value antiquey bits and pieces. I must restrain myself though. Hmmm....we shall see.

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