Thursday, 13 September 2012


A trip to the probate office, and also WAC who were keen to accept my cheque, which has left me somewhat boracic. Imagine, therefore, my horror this morning to discover not one, but two leaks from my towel heater in the bathroom. No money to pay a plumber, so as you can see, jam jars are placed underneath to be changed frequently. The leaks are worse when either the heating is on or when I take a shower or use the sink. Dear me. Nibby had suggested I did some charcoal drawing so I purchased a cheap offer of some charcoal pencils and sharpener in a little tin from Cass Arts. I also went to see the Portrait competition, which was a bit depressing. Plenty of technical competence but most things looked liked photographs which was a bit boring, but probably what clients like to see these days. Anyway. Started sketching a woman being interviewed but then the charcoal became horribly messy and so did I. I wiped it away and did a rather desultory ink sketch over the top. Oh well. Watching a cheery programme last night I suddenly heard a ferocious rainstorm outside, and also in the kitchen, so I had to rush upstairs and close the back door and wipe the floor with a towel. Dorothy rang for a chat. Today has been very quiet indeed. Sprayed more Roundup over the encroaching brambles and bamboo and tore down a bit more of the passion flower. Tesco due between 5 and 6 with groceries and must leave the garden refuse thing out for collection tomorrow. I am thinking about going to the open mic at Mamuska to draw a few people tomorrow evening. We shall see.

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