Sunday, 30 September 2012

Still Ill

with a resurgence of Delhi belly. Have discovered that, rather than taking Immodium, which basically just slows down the gut mobility, you can buy kaolin tablets, which absorbs the toxins which you have inadvertently ingested. I shall now stick with these for any future problems. They are also much cheaper. So I missed drawing at Primrose Hill yesterday. Very annoying. I finished the sketch of Sasha, hopefully adding more depth to it. I managed to get up to Borough Market for a brief chat with Dorothy. I mentioned the Zedel place we discovered the other night, and the Italian place where we had dinner. The printers were closed so I will have to wait until tomorrow to do some more work there. Had a message last night from Dorothy who had decided to try Zedel and let me know what it is like. Dorothy has such exacting standards that it is bound to fail. We shall see. Nibby is still painting her owls. I must remember to tell her that I have put the fishes back in the pond. The large black bin was just too small. They are definitely looking happier to be back in familiar surroundings. Just had a text from Alice, who may be at the jam session tomorrow. Might meet up with Madeleine today. My nails are becoming so strong and long from eating low calorie jelly that it is hard to find the right keys when typing. Dear me. I am told that jelly babies also have this beneficial effect on the nails.

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