Thursday, 27 September 2012

strange laptop

So weird, my laptop had, to all intents and purposes, died completely. But yesterday I turned it on for the umpteenth time, and it actually worked. I suspect it is moribund, but not quite extinct yet. I have spent a while framing drawings, putting strings on the backs, and labelling them. They are mostly originals but there are one or two prints. I have also had some extra prints made. I shall only make up to 20 prints of each original, and many have had watercolour washes added so there is something original about each one. Pricing is very difficult but I think the prices are very reasonable. My main problem is that I seem to draw better on A3 sized paper and cannot produce the small postcard sized drawings which many artists seem to do. I may think about getting some reduced size prints of these. We shall see. Anyway I now need to group my drawings and seem to have groups consisting of Elephant & Castle. including cafes there, mainly in the shopping centre; around where I live, cafes and Imperial War Museum etc; South Bank and the rest of London. I have about 45 drawings and have run out of frames, so will have to think about whether to get any more. Since I tend to do about five drawings a week, and there are several weeks to go, I may do this. Another ten A3 frames would do it. On the other hand I have a few odd, unmatching frames around the house which I could use for reduced size prints, and a few very small ones too. We shall see. I shall start on a list of drawings now. Walking down to Elephant on Sunday morning saw this shoe, which made me think of a South London Cinderella losing her slipper.

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