Friday, 28 September 2012

I keep trying

to do an invitation to my exhibition. Yesterday I managed to write out something and get it printed on a public computer. I then tried to get this copied onto tranparent film and eventually succeeded. However when I placed it over what I thought were pale drawings the lettering did not show well when reduced. Today I may attempt a small pencil drawing, otherwise I shall do a small drawing which avoids the lettering area. I am not happy with the font or the layout, but public computers are not the best places to design anything properly. I need some invitations to give out on Saturday and also next week so will have to do a bit more work. Last night I was invited out by Christophe and Victorine. We had a drink at the Round Table pub before finding the restaurant which is a newish Italian place called Mele e Pere (apples and pears, because it's downstairs)in Brewer Street. I think Dorothy would like it. I had a very good butternut squash soup with cheese and beans, followed by a pork medallion which only just left room for the tiramisu. Victorine and Christophe had a fish starter, the pork main and Victorine had some excellent looking cheese afterwards. On the way to Piccadilly we found the ex Regent Palace Hotel where Nibby spent her honeymoon,which had been refurbished beyond belief and is now a very fine looking brasserie called Zedel which also has a bar and a piano bar. Excellent place. Today I sketched Sasha having her feet done at First Foot. I must go back there again soon, it is such good value and very relaxing.

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