Monday, 10 September 2012

Wrong delivery address

Seems that John Lewis think the people upstairs live here, hence all the supposed deliveries for me were in fact for the people upstairs. Good thing my neighbours offered to go to Mandela Way and collect the parcels or I really would have been annoyed. And exhausted since all their parcels are huge and heavy. I am actually waiting for delivery of some published sketchbooks and some pond weed. Yesterday I spent ages pulling the huge overgrowth of passion flowers down. I wish I had trained it against the back wall since it has killed most of the plants where it is by growing over them. And nearly pulled the fence over. I really need the fence to be fixed but a) I can't afford it and b) I could not stand the disruption. Oh well. I have been completely unproductive lately. I had a go at sketching in Pain Quotidien on Sunday but it was a dismal failure, with proportions all over the place. I may redraw it and correct these since I spent so long on it and apart from the proportions it is fine. We shall see. The plumber came yesterday and replaced four parts in the boiler. However, this morning the shower is still running hot and cold. He replace the fan so at least it is much quieter and the change from hot to cold is quicker at least. There is only one other part he hasn't had to replace. This is now no longer available so I will have to have a new boiler within a year or two. Let's hope it will limp along for a bit. Dorothy rang me to say the probate people want to see my decree absolute, which I may take up there today. I must also get over to WAC and pay for the gallery hire which I think I can just manage. Did not get to Toulouse Lautrec last night because I was too tired. I am having extremely early nights and extremely early mornings these days. My lodger gets up at around 7.20 so I manage to get showered and dressed before this. So glad I bought several of my stretchy dresses which will be handy to wear under other stuff when the weather changes. Wearing a mustard coloured one today with my cobalt trousers and a rather nifty scarf in white, cobalt and mustard which Romy found in Spain.

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