Thursday, 20 September 2012

Messy Life

My living room and my bedroom are a complete tip - pictures, frames piled up on every surface in the living room and clothes and sketchbooks all over the floor and furniture and every surface in the bedroom. I definitely have the old person's reluctance to throw anything away. Trouble is, it leads to mislaying things. My eagerness to purchase specs to match my clothes has led to buying so many that I can never find the ones I need. Yesterday and today I am wearing red and purple colours, but I put the (red and purple) specs down yesterday somewhere and cannot find them this morning. Hopeless. Yesterday I braved the Sundial Cafe downstairs in the Elephant & Castle. Ordered a chicken Caesar salad. What arrived was a small pile of Iceberg lettuce with a couple of tomatoes and the dressing, fortunately, in a plastic container. On the top of the lettuce was a liberal sprinkling of what looked like Cheddar cheese and three long things covered in thick cold batter. On scraping off the batter these turned out to be rather tough strips of chicken. Dear me. Very cheap and nasty at £3.45. The salad concept has not reached the Sundial cafe yet. Drank a diet coke, ate the lettuce and tomatoes
and drew the cafe. Some of the other food did look rather better than my obviously bad choice. I spent ages drawing some of the many illustrations of the food on offer and got many angles wrong but it was all rather difficult. I finished it later in the afternoon. It looks a bit more wonky in the snap because the paper kept curling up a bit. Today I shall visit the GP for a repeat prescription, and consider what to draw later. May possibly go to the Mamuska open mic, depending on how I feel.

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