Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Getting On

with things this week. I have finally sorted out the probate forms for my ex and taken them up to the office at High Holborn, who will eventually interview Dorothy and hopefully release the money. I have meanwhile been doing the accounts for the very small estate. I have done a bit more drawing and painted some prints which has added an extra interest to them. Kate came around to return my dress and will look for a door for my bedroom, which is essential really when having lodgers since the one bathroom is opposite my bedroom. Still scratching around for £300 to pay the gallery for my exhibition. I may be able to do it this month, just about. Selling something would help. I have decided to make some limited edition prints of some of my images in very short runs of say, 20 of each. I can then sell these very cheaply and some will be worth more when painted, but I have decided they will all be the same price. Yesterday I sat outside the Castle Brasserie and drew this, but it was quite difficult and I need to get more depth into it I think. We shall see. The guy who does my printing is on holiday, but will be in for a bit of work when he gets back since his prints have been greatly admired. I am reading a rather odd book, I think it was recommended by Robert Hughes. It is 'Journal of my life' by Jacques-Louis Menetra, a glazier in Paris in the eighteenth century: one of the few journals from that time by a working class man. Quite hard going because of the age, lack of punctuation, different sense of humour untruthfulness of the author etc etc. but still a lively read. Also reading some of Pope's letters. Having a huge clothes turnout. So far there is a two foot high pile on the floor. When I decide how to dispose of this lot I shall go back to sorting the rest by colour and removing it all to hangers and drawers: at the moment I have two chairs absolutely piled with stuff. The shower is being awkward, only working when the heating is on, and locking out, so the plumber is coming tomorrow to have a look at it. I am hoping to get out drawing on Saturday to Canada Water, which sounds quite exciting. My lodger was back fairly late last night so there may have been some after work drinks. Or she is working too hard.

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