Saturday, 1 September 2012

Friday and Saturday

On Friday I finished the short sketch I did at Cafe Nova in the Elephant & Castle. Found an old jazz tune for David and played on my ipod - he hadn't heard it since 1956. The proposed meeting with the cafe owner where I am supposed to be drawing keeps getting cancelled so I shall forget this for the time being. Did a bit of a sketch which seemed to take ages in Pain Quotidien at Borough Market. Had the prawn and chorizo salad which was delicious. Dorothy came and had a chat then paid for my lunch. It is definitely getting a bit colder so will have to haul out my winter coats again. Must do a bit of printing on Monday. The art shop were amazed at how good my prints were and could not tell them from the originals. They loved the interior one I had painted over the print, so I may do some more of these. We shall see. Had a brief meeting with Julian, who was looking well, on Friday. Tomorrow, my plan is to go to Strawberry Hill House. I shall probably get the tube to Hammersmith then get the 33 bus which stops opposite, apparently. Just hope it isn't pissing with rain all day. Hmmm.

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