Monday, 17 September 2012

Failed Again

Rather foolishly got on the scales this morning to confirm my 7lb weight loss, only to see that I have regained 6lb of this. Tragic. Also woke up this morning sneezing with a runny nose and sore throat AND a cold sore. Purchased some Acyclovir cream. Yesterday I went to the Imperial War Museum and had lunch in the cafe which has amusing retro plates and food. Best of all I could have had the children's size portion of macaroni cheese for only £3.75 or so. But I decided to have cottage pie. Temptingly they had some very good looking cakes and puds and scones with jam and cream. Another day maybe. Or maybe not judging by my weight. Anyway settled down in the main bit downstairs
and drew. And drew. And rubbed out. And drew etc. In no time at all it was after four so I left to walk back to Elephant and get a bus up to Borough Market where Dorothy and I had tea at Pain Quotidien. Julian is back again and I hope we will meet soon. Today I did a bit of watercolour on my War Museum drawing. I really do find drawing these things very hard indeed. A bit below par, so won't be going to the jam session at Toulouse Lautrec as I had intended.

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