Sunday, 23 September 2012

More open mic

Back at the Sundial Cafe I think I have discovered their most edible item: corn on the cob. Mind you, this comes on a stick, hygienically wrapped in some kind of plastic covering, thus a bit soggy having been soaked in some buttery substance, but at only £1 it definitely is a winner, if rather inelegant to eat. A very cheap lunch. Met David for coffee and did a little shopping. Later I pitched up at Mamuska for the open mic. I have to say I was unwise enough to order their potato pancakes, which were rather tough and tasteless to this non-Pole, so had to follow it with ice cream with a kind of berry sauce which was much better. I sketched Ian and his sidekick once more. Later, a rather exciting little jazzy combo turned up to have a practise. They had a competition on Monday night. Cant remember their name but will check them out if they appear again. Will finish my sketch later today, but this morning I need to get up to Camden Town to do a bit of drawing. Kook has become a fleabag, so have had to lash out £37 for some stuff at the vets. Dear me.

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