Sunday, 23 September 2012

Stupid Old Bat

Yesterday I was really stupid and went to a drawing thing in Camden, having invited someone else. No one there apart from my invitee, Sally, who was about to go home. Over a coffee we checked and discovered it was next week. Dear me. We went to Borough Market and had a snack before a walk in the sunshine at Bankside. I carried on with my sketch for bit after Sally went home, and eventually managed to meet Dorothy at 3bis, the gelato place, where a tall blonde waitress mistakenly and rudely tried to make Dorothy join the end of the queue when he had been first. Common sense prevailed after an appeal to another member of staff and we enjoyed sherry trifle gelatos before Dorothy succumbed to a Monmouth coffee. I purchased some half price merguez at the French stall. These were very good and reminded me of the merguez Jeremy and I used to eat in Algeria in the sixties. Neiges d'antan and all that. I keep remembering all sorts of stuff from Oxford and Algiers in those days and am becoming sentimental in my old age. Tragic. I am seriously considering going to the jam session at Toulouse Lautrec tomorrow night.

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