Sunday, 9 September 2012

Surrey Docks Farm and bloody hot day

it was.Well that's my excuse for the rather desultory sketching efforts shown below. Surrey Docks Farm is a great place with an excellent cafe - Frizzante - causing me to gain 2lb this week dammit, and we met to sketch there with Luke's Drink and Draw group.(For me, it was Eat and don't Draw Much). After a couple of hours we headed off to a pub near Surrey Quays by the river, I think it was near Greenland Docks. Anyway I did another sorry sketch of some of my fellow sketchers. I was rather knackered by the end of the day. The others all produced excellent work as usual, and masses of it. I really enjoy these days. I think we are going to Greenwich next week and am looking forward to it. It really was bloody hot yesterday though, and all the animals were moving so fast that I was reduced to doing a rather stylised sketch of a stuffed cockerel in a case in the cafe. Dear me.Unfortunately I found a red card from the post office when I got back because my lodger did not answer the doorbell. I have now shown her that there is an answering thing right outside her bedroom, so hope this won't happen again. As I spent all day in the house yesterday waiting for the plumber who did not arrive from Heatem, and who will now come, supposedly, tomorrow, I shall be stuck in the house for yet another day, then forced to go to Mandela Way to collect my post on Tuesday. Such is retirement. Tragic. I shall and force myself to get out somewhere today as we are promised what may be the last hot day this year.

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