Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lazing in the sun

is how I spent a lot of the day, outside in the garden reading, punctuated only by a couple of deliveries for the people upstairs and making cold drinks. Met David for coffee and a chat. I did sort out a few more clothes. The discarded items are now packed into five black bags inside my airing cupboard. All I need to do now is to colour sort everything on hangers, which will be today's task. The heating engineers are due to arrive today so no doubt I will spend a lot of time hanging around, though if they ring and are coming much later I may be able to escape. Looking through my emails I see Groupon are offering 'boudoir shots' with false hairpieces, false eyelashes, make up and up to five changes of outfit. Was almost tempted for a giggle at only £19, but decided it would be too cruel to the organisers. Mind you, the Kookster can look misleadingly cute in his birthday suit, so could be a possible candidate. Oh well. Ate too much as usual. I have decided that every day I should aim to eat 500 calories. I might then manage to eat about 1200 calories so should lose some weight. We shall see. Hmmm... Nibby is going forth to Scotland for the weekend. She is so intrepid, always going to different places. Maybe one day when I get a cat-friendly lodger I might venture off to Barcelona for a few days. We shall see. I have managed to lose all the screws I need to fix to the backs on my frames so will need to purchase some more when I get to the shops. Hopeless.

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