Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tame and Tired

which is about me all right. Used to be the nickname for the now defunct Time and Tide mag many years ago. Restless night and now coughing. Heard chattering outside the flat and peeped out (after midnight) to see my new lodger outside on the steps. Not sure who with. I shall await the inevitable complaints from my nasty neighbour. Dear me. Did some washing today and a bit of shopping before a rather desultory drawing of downstairs at the Elephant & Castle. I need to work on this a bit more but will post soon. Spoke to Nibby on the phone this morning. She tells me my work is improving which I suppose is a good thing. Apparently it is 'quirky' whatever that means. It's not meant to be but who cares? Using my new double duvet set from H & M for the first time. Lovely pale grey linen, and only £49.99. I may lash out on the white set at a later date. Made masses of banana cake with the surfeit of bananas and a rather dismal chocolate and peanut butter one. The recipe sounded great but the cake is a bit boring. Froze it and will ice before serving. Also made some Jewish penicillin for my cold - chicken soup, which is very soothing.

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