Friday, 2 December 2011

Another Week Over

so it is Friday. Things have improved a little but retirement has never looked so attractive, apart from the lack of money, of course. I may have to take a part-time job running the country. I might make a better fist of it than the present incumbent, though I would have to try and fit it in between lunch at the Lye Torng and the soaps at 7pm. I think this would work out well.

Meanwhile I need to pack for our festive Friday to Monday next week. Julian is taking Sir Kookster away to their residence in Borough. Good luck with that. Pierre is kindly going to send me some money for the last time before my period as an oil heiress finally ends. So complicated finding out how to receive electronic transfers from overseas, and quite amusing that in this day and age it still takes four to five working days to reach one's account. Oh well. Very nice to receive some money at this time of year.

Spoke to Nibby, the other heiress, who has a bit of a cough and has thereby managed to avoid the 'flu jab. Since she has had the cough for several weeks I have told her to extract some antibiotics from the GP if it goes to her chest, since she is not immune from all our English bugs yet, and grandchildren seem to pass virulent infections onwards. I do hope she will eventually have the jab, though suspect it will take a nasty dose of 'flu to convince her. Oh well. Horses to water and drinking come to mind.

My 70th birthday tomorrow. I hope I shan't suffer the fate of Revd. Brian Brindley, who had organised a wonderful dinner for his 70th at the Athenaeum, then died suddenly between the dressed crab and the boeuf en croute. Seems he may have actually fallen into the boeuf en croute. Frightful waste since no one finished the dinner. Shame really.

Already I have received several cards, and this morning, a lovely necklace from my friend Catriona. Strange, it has very pretty red beads with a sprinkling of turquoise, and goes perfectly with the red Gudrun top I am wearing today. Catriona must have second sight.

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