Sunday, 8 March 2009

Aaargh - Pomegranate Seeds - Great to Eat - Vile to Paint

God, the seeds are even worse! They don't look like something you could eat - more like shiny little plastic things. Perhaps I should have picked one and propped up a large magnifying glass in front of it and done it properly. Don't know whether I am too blind or lazy to concentrate enough - I think I shall abandon this kind of macro thing. Well, I can't always be brilliant, can I?

My painting corner is becoming very mucky. I think I will have to attempt to fold up the sofa in the spare room, put lots of rubbish away clear it out a bit and use it as a studio. I may possibly have mentioned this before - put it down to the onset of Alzheimer's. I would really like to do it but don't think I can at the moment with my knee being awkward. It would be good to do it soon, especially as I am hosting an SE1 dinner in June, so a nice empty room upstairs would be good.

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