Monday, 16 March 2009

Lazy painter, Nibby and Talktalktalktalk

I am so lazy. Will bring the heavy chair in later. Will put back the windowbox later. Started a pensioner portrait. I am getting more confident in painting from a photograph which I find much harder than life painting, but seem to be getting the knack.
This is a black and white snap of Nibby, which I may paint into colour or just paint as grisaille since I think it is rather sweet, but then, she is my sister.

Chatting on Saturday in Lye Torng with a very interesting guy called Philip. Trouble is, once I start talking....and he was nearly as bad. I really will have to 'curb my enthusiasm.' Oh well.

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James I McAnespy said...

it's actually Phillippe, the Spanish variant. :D