Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Knackered of SE1

Back home to prepare for Roxy's memorial lunch tomorrow. Apart from cleaning the flat i have to make bread, trifle, put wine in fridge, sort out other food, clean silver, make boiled orange cake, etc. Could be rather challenging as my knee finally screwed me while banking a cheque. Limped out of the office to return home and spent several embarrassing minutes trying to haul myself into a taxi. Fortunately the driver also has a bad knee so was sympathetic.

I will have to leave the front garden and chair outside as i don't want to risk even more injury as I am due back in the orifice on Thursday. Taxis to and from work at the moment, and possibly for the foreseeable future. Julian gave me a most beautiful little cushion filled with lavender from Liberty's which I am desperately sniffing at in the hope of a little tranquillity. Actually Malvolio is showing some interest in it now.

Made a loaf of bread and a couple of trifles and put wine in fridge. Boiling oranges. Just realised I probably made my knee worse yesterday by doing Times spelling bee on my laptop and sitting awkwardly.

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