Thursday, 19 March 2009


Oh dear, have been looking at other blogs and realising how Pooterish I am. A bit ashamed of mine, really, revealing as it does the shallowness of my existence. Even the people I am following on Twitter seem to have much more happening in their busy lives. Apart from LOLcat, which is possibly the best thing I am following IMHO. Nearly always makes me laugh. Oh well, we can't all be intellectuals - who would empty the dustbins? not that I have emptied any lately.

These days I write this blog like a diary - partly out of boredom, but partly to remind myself when things happened, memory proving less efficient than formerly. Also to remind myself what I will be doing - this weekend I will have a sad trip to Roxy's house as I have been invited to see if there is any small thing to take as a memento before the house is sold. Kate and I will go, because we feel we have to. Then Mother's day on Sunday and I think Dorothy and Julian are taking me out for a Chinese meal in the evening. Tomorrow is lunch club at the Royal Oak, and later, starting on my next painting.

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