Monday, 2 March 2009

Love Eyebrows

In between all this painting I managed to purchase the first copy of Love, a new 'fashion and fame' magazine, which seems to mainly consist of ads and puffs. However, on page 287 there is a pic (no you don't have to buy it, just browse it) of someone called Sara, 22, who could only be a fashion design student at St. Martins. I quite liked the retro specs, was amused by the Isabella Blow lump of blue hair stuck on top, but what really caught my attention were the deeply wonderful eyebrows. Either you can now get eyebrow transplants, or she has made a kind of stencilled eyebrow and filled it in with either brown powder or paint. However it has been done it has marvellous sharp edges and is definitely worth imitating - beware of an old bat in SE1 appearing with heavily stencilled black eyebrows. It WILL happen.

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Anonymous said...

you'll definitely be the talk of LYe Torng then!