Monday, 9 March 2009

Pomegranates, Portraits and Trifles

Nibby says she has painted lots of pomegranates, so I am looking forward to seeing these done by a real painter. Madeleine says she likes mine, which is very kind.

I am having a bash at some portraits. I have a couple of photographs and have discovered it is very difficult to paint from these as opposed to life, but will persist. This is my first attempt. I think it has improved a bit since yesterday. I am next going to paint some older people as an exercise, which should be a challenge. We shall see.

The number of painted canvases and general mess has spread across the room so maybe next weekend I will take a serious look at it all. However I mustn't forget to try and think of a pud to prepare for the end of the month. I feel a trifle coming on, but something like Nigella's Anglo-Italian one with no custard but mascarpone and eggs. I am rather hesitant about the limoncello though. If I make it with blackberries or blackcurrants I do have some rather pretty violet pieces to strew over the top with silver balls. I could use a blackcurrant liqueor. Mmmmm....will have to think about it.

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