Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Finished Peppers and Small World

Hmmm. Finished peppers on blue ground. They are definitely a bit dubious.

Extraordinary - Lisa at work was talking to me about the painting she bought and it seems that I was at college with the artist, whose husband is Lisa's husband's oldest friend from when they were both at Toynbee Hall many years ago. She is a Polish artist called Elizabeth, who always had very smart openings with lots of rich people buying stuff. She is a very flamboyant, fun kind of person, but was not a close friend. She is overseas for six months of the year these days, so I haven't seen her for quite a while.

Evon, David (until he left for St. Martins) and Kate were my closest friends at college and Margot my Irish friend was my favourite artist there.

Lisa said that my class must have been an interesting lot. We were certainly quite varied: there was a very senior retired social worker; Christine, who had done masses of very different things such as breeding Rottweilers, clothes designing, house underpinning, racing car driving and engineering; there was a former architect; a scientist; Gaitskell's daughter; an ex BBC arts programme person; and masses of others. It was an interesting class - most people had had quite a lot of different life experiences.

Compared with my fairly organised foundation course at Kingston, my college was rather a mess - the course kept changing - we had enrolled for a degree in Art, Design and Visual Communication, which split up after the first year into, design, graphics, photography, jewellery design and Fine Art. It was a part time degree - I am not absolutely sure that it didn't change yet again. There was no room to work or store things and the place was chaotic. Still, we survived five years of all this and many went on to MA courses afterwards.

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