Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Long Peppers and Painting Prices

Purchased a couple of those long red sweet peppers which are surprisingly difficult to paint, not the shape but the texture, and started them last night, so they are 'in progress'.

I may cook the models tonight with some minced beef and onions. I shall study the onions to see if I fancy painting them first. Haven't seen any kiwis.

About fifteen years ago I used to sell small paintings for £50 - £100 and larger ones for about £300. Once or twice I sold groups of small paintings for £1000.

Nibby recently sent me a website of an artist who is selling small paintings from £1800 to £3000, the oils being the most expensive. However, since he is a full-time artist, and apparently they are selling, good luck to him. But everyone thinks they are very expensive indeed.

Someone told me that her friend, an artist, told her that a particular painting cost £400. After much thought she decided to buy it, and to her surprise the price suddenly increased to £500. She said she thought her friend would know she would be too embarrassed to ask about this increase and she rather reluctantly bought the work. I am inclined to think that, like most artists, the friend was a bit vague and had forgotten the price. I certainly would have queried it. Pricing work is always difficult. Art seems to be priced by size conventionally, but how much to charge? I can't remember whether it was Whistler who said he was charging 'for the experience of a lifetime'.

Having seen some young artists 'encouraged' by greedy agents to keep churning out a particularly financially rewarding type of work, I have always been fascinated by the relationship of art and money. In fact, I decided to write my dissertation on the subject at college, but was rather naively surprised when this was refused by the college authorities, presumably based on their relationships with well known galleries and artists. I had to hastily think of something else and wrote a rather dull treatise on art teaching in London.

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