Friday, 6 March 2009

Good Lunch, Bad Knee and Possibly Worse Painting

Two new people: Steve and Sidi, to lunch club today. Plum came and then Jo turned up so five altogether. We had a good lunch and discussed the dinner party club and I showed the snaps from this. Lye Torng next week, after which we will venture back into the Borough area no doubt. We must find some new places to try.

I purchased four more canvases today. Unfortunately my right knee has decided to be awkward, in a similar way to my left knee last year. This time I have no idea what has caused it, but I have to say I can hardly walk - the joint is very wobbly - agony if the leg straightens, and the tendons at the back hurt like hell. It is a bloody nuisance. In fact I omitted to buy more milk at the supermarket as I could walk no further after the effort of getting to Rockingham Street for lunch, and staggered home to rest the leg. Last year the hospital put it down to 'wear and tear' so I shall not bother to consult them again. I am lying on the left side in bed hoping to rest it a bit, but if it does recover I know it will take ages, like last time. I am even getting a taxi home from work, as well as to work, but needs must.

Found a red onion in the house which I painted today. I am not entirely unhappy with it, but daylight will no doubt reveal the awful truth. We shall see.

Dorothy rang for a long chat earlier this evening - all about work, and his proposal. I hope it is accepted and goes ahead, though it will definitely be rather stressful. At least he will be gainfully employed - a good thing in these times.

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